Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Those tears that fell !

And, I was left there alone with misty eyes wondering what went wrong, how exactly the pieces of the jigsaw got messed up. Wasn’t it yesterday that I felt it was forever, wasn’t it yesterday that world without you ceased to exist for me, wasn’t it yesterday that you could fight the entire world to catch those tears that fell, wasn’t it yesterday that I started believing in a perfect world…in the rare possibility of it existing and me being a part of it.
 Those days seem close…yet too far. Close enough to bring back transitory smiles on my face but too far to make me feel that life could be as beautiful again.  I look around myself...the beauty of nature, the smiling faces everywhere, couples stupidly in love drowning madly into each other’s eyes…there’s this hint of envy that sweeps through me. Or maybe, I’m not sure which feeling it is…envy is an evil feeling…I shouldn’t be getting that from other’s happiness. Maybe, it’s grief, or nostalgia or maybe hurt…maybe, it reminds me of the beautiful times that were and it hurts to know that there aren’t there anymore. But, you know what…these happy faces also give a peek into the lovely past…oh, yes…those were wonderful days, truly wonderful!
 I was figuring out where exactly it went wrong. Where could have I made amends, how could have I saved it. Hopeless, futile questions! The worst part about being loved too much is the fact that you get used to it. It’s hard, very hard to accustom yourself to indifference once you’re so used to attention, that too, too much of it. But, funny thing about life is…that is doesn’t give you much of a choice.

Those things you thought you can never live without are suddenly pulled away from you one day…and you’re forced to live without them. And, the amazing thing is that eventually we learn…we learn to live without them. And, what is better, eventually we smile…we learn to smile without them. And eventually, they’d be happiness…they’d be happiness, even without them.
I’m sure it’ll happen. Eventually, it will all be fine…not perfectly. Maybe, almost-perfectly fine!


  1. aaawwww!! hey sweety break ups are a part of life, n usually life takes away smething frm u cos u deserve smething a lot better u knw, thts the game! moreova smetimes we jus feel its love, though our true love is steps ahead!! i hope u move on happily cherishing those happy memories n may u get the best in ur life:):)

    1. Thankyou for your wishes and concern :) . Life is really beautiful for me as for now. This is something I wrote long back, just posted it later.

  2. its the memories wich kil

  3. funny thing about life is…that is doesn’t give you much of a choice...

  4. The starting para sounds very poetic and that's what liked the most . The post has really expressed the excruciating feelings of individual who becomes prey of loneliness.. Lol I guess my choices of words on this comment are output of too much reading of ur blogs.. Hence I can say its interesting one 😊:-)