Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'll get back !

Now...there's this thing that examinations do to, not that part where they keep you all occupied with studies and all...that hardly happens when you're an engineering student with a Computer Science branch at that. The part that I'm talking to you about is the one in which they constantly remind you, ‘Examinations are going can’t possibly spent time writing blogs’, over and over and over again!
So, you know every time I try bleeding to my keyboard...this thing pops up in my mind..."Exams...Exams...No spending time on blogs"...and my creative imagination is blocked. Then, there's nothing that comes to my mind after that.
So, I think it's best to wait for my exams to get over and then get back to writing. I’ll get back to you all after the 30th...till then...have an awesome time! 
Loads of love <3 

Thursday, 15 November 2012

If We Were A Movie !

Yes, I've been a hopeless romantic and I have so many things to blame it on-Bollywood first of all-with all its eerily romantic movies which I've seen a thousand times over, then the plethora of love stories that had to offer such surreal romances that I was forced to believe in the whole prince-charming-concept and then the music-those love songs sounded more melodic than anything else. As if it were not enough, even the advertisements on television circled around love (that was pretty seldom, though). So, you see I was programmed to think, believe and look forward to a super romantic love life ahead.
I grew up to believe that my love story would be magical, something out of ordinary, not the usual girl-meets-boy in college, they fall in love…blah-blah…the end. No, mine had to be beyond this, I had pictured falling in love with this guy in many Bollywood-like awesome situations. There was this one situation in which the guy would be my co-passenger in a train and how it will all begin with a casual exchange of magazines and grow with exchanging numbers and so on.
There was this other which had this guy whom I hated to death when I first set my eyes on him and then gradually the hatred would melt down to a soft corner, then friendship, then even more intimate friendship and even before either of us realizes it-we’d be in love.
Then there was this cliched, I look at him, he looks at me and BANG, we’re smitten story!
That wasn't all, the rains have always meant something to me and every time that I had danced to the rhythm of the raindrops, letting go off all hesitation…I had secretly wished to be admired by ‘the one’, who’d be smiling away to himself watching me at my prettiest and of course STUPIDEST(but then…love is stupid,people ;) ).
The wedding gowns have always driven me crazy, the magnificent gowns and the princess-like look they give always leave me with this longing to end up with a Christian guy.
As I was reminiscing about my ‘could-be’ soul mates and the magical love stories I could have had, suddenly my phone rang saying ‘Jerk calling’, and there went the thought bubble.
Reality isn't all that bad after all, I thought to myself. But then, If we were a movie!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


This Diwali, as I sit in my room watching people wearing fancy dresses and filling the gloomy dark sky with sparkles of joy, I am left wondering why I’m not one of them. Maybe because, there isn’t enough joy within me to spread around, maybe because your loss put in too much of pain within to consider celebrating or maybe, because I want to celebrate it with you!
Funny are the ways of nature, way beyond my understanding. I want to, though. I try. Try understanding how things work. Try understanding the meaning of life, death and beyond. Yes, there has to be a BEYOND. You have to be present there; alive somewhere, something that’s beyond death. You have to be there. And, you know what we’ll meet there, we’ll meet there once I’m done with life…just some more years.
I may be crazy to believe this. I may be crazy to think so much! However, coming to think of it,we cannot be mere machines. Machines that are manufactured, that work, need repair…and then start moving towards gradual death and eventually die…die, to never live again.
Death cannot be the end of it all. The soul has to live on, live on forever. I don’t know how much of it is true, I don’t even know whether there is anything known as the ‘soul’.I don’t know if I’d get to meet you again, I don’t know!
I just hope, hope against hope that there will a life beyond death, that death would be the end of absolutely nothing. Just the end of all mortal suffering maybe, if at all there is any. That death could actually be a celebration, a reunion with all the departed loved ones, so that when I reach my old age…I can actually look forward to dying because I’ll get to meet you!

Monday, 12 November 2012


Creating my blog is something I've been meaning to do since a real long time, just couldn't find time at the right time and then, there were these beginner's quivers... 'Would anyone even like to read it', 'What exactly should I write in my blogs', 'Is it okay to share yourself with a bunch of completely unknown people,' and a lot of other pessimistic ideas.
Now, on these Diwali holidays when I was left with a lot of time to actually spend on doing something that I enjoy doing-writing, I just thought of giving blogging a shot.
On this 'first' blog of mine,I think it's a good idea to tell you about myself. I am 2nd year engineering student and I love to write. I love writing about random things, writing relaxes me. Having written down about something that was annoying, bothering or hurting me magically starts making me feel better, it just reduces the pain.
Since, I have been holding back for a long time, there are a lot of untold stories within me. Maybe, you'd like to read them someday; maybe, you can relate to them; maybe I can relate to yours; maybe, there's something I can learn from you; maybe, you can teach me something; maybe,we can become great friends (now, that's about sharing yourself to completely unknown people :))
PS-You are welcome to read my blogs and comment, criticize (constructively :D), talk to me, let me know if you can relate to me at any point and I'd love to read your blogs too :)