Friday, 20 May 2016

A broken foot and a cup of coffee!

I met with a road accident, again. I write ‘again’ because those of you who know me would know about my affinity towards accidents. I somehow attract them; the universe has bestowed me with unique powers. If you observe closely, there are more scars on my body than skin. Each of them have a unique story to tell and they are great conversation starters for any social gathering but I still feel that I would have been better off without them.

This time I ended up getting a fracture on my left foot. Funnily enough, I was initially even mildly excited at the knowledge of a fracture. Somehow, the x-ray reports which showed a crack in my foot gave me an adrenaline rush for some strange reason. In retrospective, I think it excited me because it made my story more interesting. I believe that we are all spinning the yarn of our stories and unless there is a tragedy and the protagonist picks herself up emerges out strong, the story is not powerful enough. However, the adrenaline rush staying true to its meaning did not last long enough. My face fell the moment the doctor said that the cast would stay for four to six weeks and advised minimal to no pressure on the left foot.

It is amazing how we become wiser and start understanding the nuances of life when an adversity hits us. My bike skidded and I fell down with it landing on my foot. I remember the people who stopped by fairly clearly. I could identify two circles of people. The outer circle was the larger one. It consisted of the curious ones, the ones who just wanted to know what happened. They observed me for a while, expressed dismay at the accident and moved on. The inner circle was the one that mattered, although it consisted of very few people. The people in this circle lifted me and my bike up, gave me first aid, offered water and asked me if I need a ride home. I believe the same thing is true about life, the inner circle is very small, consists of four to five people but it is the one that truly matters. These are the people who will lift you up when you’re down and become your support system, these are the people you can bank upon. We all need to identify this inner circle of ours, nourish and cherish it throughout.

It is ironic how my happiness got a boost after the accident. I suddenly became aware of all my blessings which I took for granted throughout my life. I am grateful for the fact that I was and will, in another month be able to walk myself to the washroom independently. I feel extremely blessed knowing that I will not need to call out to my mom for getting water or food. I feel blessed knowing that I will be able touch the ground with my bare feet, run, jump, swim, dive and perform a full split. The very feeling of having a certain capability which I lack today in future is extremely gratifying. I feel invincible and capable of doing just anything. It is funny how we take our blessings for granted until a few of them are taken away from us.

Now that I cannot walk around too much and have an excuse to stay away from office, I have taken time out to indulge in myself. I have decided to pamper myself with amazing coffee which I plan to make by perching on the kitchen sill, while my mother would shout at top of her lungs asking me to get down. I plan to read all the amazing books which I had stacked away in my shelf for ‘someday’. I want to write to my heart’s content and flood my blog with absolutely obnoxious to absolutely delightful content. I want to get myself a facial and a massage. I want to dress up and look beautiful for myself. I want to think deeply and madly about life and my purpose in it and everything bizarre that I cannot take enough time out for on usual days. I want to drink coffee, lots of it; read books, lots of them and tell my mother lots of times that I adore her more than I can ever express.