Saturday, 17 November 2012

I'll get back !

Now...there's this thing that examinations do to, not that part where they keep you all occupied with studies and all...that hardly happens when you're an engineering student with a Computer Science branch at that. The part that I'm talking to you about is the one in which they constantly remind you, ‘Examinations are going can’t possibly spent time writing blogs’, over and over and over again!
So, you know every time I try bleeding to my keyboard...this thing pops up in my mind..."Exams...Exams...No spending time on blogs"...and my creative imagination is blocked. Then, there's nothing that comes to my mind after that.
So, I think it's best to wait for my exams to get over and then get back to writing. I’ll get back to you all after the 30th...till then...have an awesome time! 
Loads of love <3 

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