Friday, 8 August 2014

The Downside of Being 21!

As you gradually approach the first quarter of your life, a whole lot of mixed emotions stir you from within. On the brighter side, you have almost a fourth of your life figured out for you and a lot of life lessons are learned along the way. You laugh over the things which had once made you cry, you realize which people truly matter in life and you learn one very important fact about all the happy and bitter faces of life that this too shall pass. As you’re maturing along the years and gaining a clearer perspective of life, somewhere the kid in you is clinging hard onto you and refusing to let go, making sure that the maturing process is pushed as much ahead in time as possible. When you’re expected to be your smartest, most mature self, exactly then you end up making the worst mistakes of your life and which is more, nobody has any consolation to offer. Some major spoilers of being 21 are:
  • You don’t have puberty by your side to save your ass when you’re acting full retard. You simply cannot blame it on the hormones, anymore.
  • You cannot go running to your mom sobbing intermittently as you narrate the story of the asshole who cheated on you, because you won’t get any sympathies anymore. You’re no longer the innocent little girl for whom it would have been acceptable to be naive and fall for a jerk. You, my friend are just expected to be a better judge of people and it’s your fault to have fallen for such a guy in the first place.
  • You are just expected to have at least the next ten years, if not your entire life, figured out for you. People give you dirty looks if you tell them, ’I am trying to figure out things for myself.’ The figuring out part should have been long completed by now.
  • Dating is serious business now. You cannot be unsure about the guy going out with, anymore. You’re suddenly expected to find out the ‘The One’ and be with him.
  • On a peaceful Saturday evening, you’re casually browsing through Facebook sipping your hot coffee and suddenly out of the blue your classmate’s wedding pictures pop-up and you get so startled by it that you end up spilling the coffee all over yourself. The next thing you know is that you’re trying to type a congratulating message to her, but you just cannot make yourself write ‘Congratulations’ and instead you feel like sympathizing with her because the whole idea of marriage scares the shit out of you. Then, gradually the feeling sinks in and you realize that you've grown pretty old too, and in years down the line you’d probably be wearing the engagement ring too. There’d be responsibilities to shoulder, there’d a husband to take care of and in a few more years there’d be kids too. ‘I am way too young for all this’; you shriek out in horror and break out of the thought process. ‘I am never going to get married’, you falsely reassure yourself.
  • You’re supposed to be responsible, mature and emotionally stable now. Being young, crazy and stupid are not valid excuses anymore. Sometimes, it’s just too much pressure to handle.

Growing old is pretty serious business and sometimes it might freak us out a little because the kid within us refuses to leave so easily and makes us act like twelve year old's once in a while. However, I believe it’s the immaturity, the imperfections and the times we screw up things real bad which make our lives so much more interesting. Moreover, like the years have taught us, this too shall pass!