Who am I !

I am Charul. I am this girl whom you see siting by herself in the corner of a classroom or a restaurant, lost in thought. Giving away shy smiles in response to a greeting.This girl who loves to write. Loves to vent out her feelings through writing. Maybe, the stuff I write would interest you, maybe it would make you smile, maybe it would provoke a thought within you...a powerful one, maybe it would touch you profoundly or maybe it'd just entertain you! If my writings are capable of invoking any of these emotions within you...I'd be glad I take out time for my blogs :) .
If you stumbled across my blog and liked it...do let me know :), coz being appreciated is a great feeling. And, in case you write too...do let me know all the more...coz I'd love to read yours too :) .
You can mail me at charul.pant@gmail.com or reach me on facebook. :)
Lots of love.